Author: Kendrell Turner


Gramblinite pursues promising future as a DJ

Before Aaron Profit could put on a graduation cap, he had on a set of headphones, learning the rules of being a disc jockey. Coming up under the parenting of Simeon and Patty Profit in Monroe, Aaron has been spinning the tables for seven years strong. He DJ’d at many […]


LQ hosts first themed week

Last week Grambling State University’s on-campus poetic organization Lyrical Quest held their “Watch The Throne” week. According to the LQ president, Reginald Denard, this was the first week they have ever held for their organization and received tons of positive feedback. “LQ has hosted eight events this semester and I […]


Constable spreads awareness

Grambling has a new con­stable who plans to make the city’s residents, as well as Gram­bling State University students aware of the importance of the office. “I would first like to thank the citizens for their vote and support,” said Larry Jones, newly elected constable. “I had a vision when […]


GSU honors alumni educators at luncheon

Grambling State University held a special luncheon for the GSU alumni educators on Saturday afternoon in the Black and Gold Room. It was a formal event specifically catering to the concerns of the financial side of Grambling. The luncheon began with a keynote speech from the Vice President of Research […]


Delicious and nutritious dishes for your wishes

One healthy, tasty treat is the classic French dip sandwich. Give it a healthy makeover with green pepper, onion, and lean meat. For a healthy boost, you should use reduced-sodium beef broth instead of the original. The next dish is made up of spaghetti with tomato sauce and shrimp. Whole […]


Bo$$ Up The Trap

Dee “the6thGrade” Wilson is this era’s balance between what people want to here and what people need to hear. The Monroe born and raised artist released two projects before having the whole Grambling State University campus under hypnosis of his “Boss Up The Trap” record. He began rapping in the […]


Earning stripes in the kitchen

Many Grambling State University alumni have gone on to become actors, singers, and a few professional athletes. However, one recent graduate has aspirations of becoming big in the culinary arts field.  Daniel Jackson, who was born in Shreveport but was raised in Pittsburg, Ca., plans to enroll in graduate school […]


Is music industry more business or art?

Hip-hop isn’t just a mere genre of music, nor is it strictly limited to the derogatory things the media mainly focuses on. It is an entire culture that is looked upon under the wrong light in most cases.  It ranges from the way one dresses to how we express ourselves […]


West Coast Takeover

  Entering the spring fest concert, I for sure knew that it was going to be a treat. With both performing artists having chart-topping releases, it was only right for the energy to be at a high level. Despite a small scatter of confused audience members during the two performances, […]