GSU honors alumni educators at luncheon

Grambling State University held a special luncheon for the GSU alumni educators on Saturday afternoon in the Black and Gold Room. It was a formal event specifically catering to the concerns of the financial side of Grambling.

The luncheon began with a keynote speech from the Vice President of Research Advancement and Economic Development John Rosenthal.

Rosenthal’s speech was circled around an article he read talking about the impact that the cut on HBCU funding from the state had on universities. The article also spoke on possibilities of another fund cut in the future as big as 40 percent.

Rosenthal made it known that Grambling currently has a budget of 50 million and stated that the enrollment rate decreased. “If Grambling goes, so do surrounding cities such as Shreveport, Monroe, and Ruston,” he said.

All of these are roads that lead to the reason why quite a few staff members had to be let go. Rosenthal also introduced a new method of donation, the Senior Leadership team came up with entitled “Give Up A Meal for Grambling.” This is a method that suggests you donate the $25-$30 you would spend on one eat-out meal to the funding of Grambling. A specific link will be provided on the first Monday of every month. There will be captains in areas all over the country once this is technique is put into use.

Dr. Warrick then took the center of attention to speak on actions that have and actions that need to be taken for the enrollment and graduation rate at Grambling to increase. One of those actions included the alumni in Birmingham, Ala. They set up a two-day trip where Dr. Warrick and the recruitment staff visited four high schools in Birmingham to speak with students about the Tiger Pride experience. They also went to St. Johns Parish on Friday to do the same thing before meeting with alumni in order to discuss upcoming events and get them excited about being alumni again. Her main point of emphasis was the help Grambling alumni needed to do as far as helping students come to the school.

Before taking her seat, Dr. Warrick revealed to the alumni in attendance that Grambling was notified this week about the $50,000 reward won from the Allstate Quotes for Education voting contest. She was very excited about the win and said the criteria for the scholarships will be available soon.