LQ hosts first themed week

Last week Grambling State University’s on-campus poetic organization Lyrical Quest held their “Watch The Throne” week. According to the LQ president, Reginald Denard, this was the first week they have ever held for their organization and received tons of positive feedback. “LQ has hosted eight events this semester and I think we’re off to an amazing start,” he said.

They kicked it off Sunday with a worship service held at Christ Temple in Grambling, Louisiana. On Monday, they gathered together on the yard for their “Take it to the streets” event. Attending this event made me realize how much music connected everyone together as the lyrics and body instrumentation brought passers by to the circle. One song that stood out was entitled “the munchies”, mainly because most of the attendees could relate.

On Tuesday, LQ formed a cypher in the middle of Jacob T. Stewart’s lobby, dressed in casual clothing, for an event circling around black lives. Only before attacking the express and turning it into club express for the rap battle they held on Wednesday. The flow of this event was pretty unorthodox which made it all the more exciting. The unexpected DJ Twins even grabbed the mic and battled each other, which was certainly a crowd favorite. This also served as the precursor to the “jig” battle held right after.

On Thursday, they held the regularly scheduled open mic night, which always seems to be a pretty good turn out. This was the perfect way to bring in the auditions on the next day, serving as the turning point for eight students becoming new members of LQ. One of the more involved members of LQ Deejay Carrol said, “I feel that we gained more support from the portion of the student body who were unaware of us. We also have some new talented members that just came aboard and we’re eager for the future.”