Gramblinite pursues promising future as a DJ

Before Aaron Profit could put on a graduation cap, he had on a set of headphones, learning the rules of being a disc jockey. Coming up under the parenting of Simeon and Patty Profit in Monroe, Aaron has been spinning the tables for seven years strong.

He DJ’d at many clubs while attending Grambling State University, including Club Zouk in Dallas, Gasby and Venue in Houston, Club Brick House in Arkansas, and many more. 

Much credit has been given to  his family and friends who support his movement, aiding him in success and motivation to keep going.

Due to the surrounding competition, Aaron still considers himself to be underrated, but remains humble about it and commends other DJs of the culture. When asked what were some of the things he enjoyed about his career, he mentioned the networking experiences, free apparel from clothing companies, and meeting famous artists. 

The DJ position is a prominent one in hip-hop due to the fact that they basically determine what you will be hearing for the next few weeks/months. 

“If it wasn’t for us, the artists wouldn’t be as hot as they are because it’s up to us to spin and play their music to make sure they keep themselves relevant in the industry,” he said when asked about the DJ position.

Aaron enjoys the sight of others enjoying themselves and plans on being a DJ for a long time. But this will only serve as the key to unlock many doors that lead to the next level of success. 

“In the next few years I see myself being the next Jazzy Jeff or like the next Jam Master J. And I want to be known as the world famous GO DJ AP.” 

He recently joined the 100.1 The Beat radio station serving as the host of his own show. 

DJ AP is on the road to being a well-rounded DJ. He’s learning how to be his own boss, and he gives the club promoters everything they expect and more. 

“DJ AP is the future, and Northeast Louisiana should watch out for him,” said DJ Make-A-Move when giving his thoughts on AP’s success. 

Other than being a DJ, AP has plan on building his own record label and being a producer who works with big-time artists. Aaron looks up to Tom Joyner for inspiration and hopes one day to be killing the radio waves just as Joyner does.