Bo$$ Up The Trap

Dee “the6thGrade” Wilson is this era’s balance between what people want to here and what people need to hear. The Monroe born and raised artist released two projects before having the whole Grambling State University campus under hypnosis of his “Boss Up The Trap” record.

He began rapping in the 6th grade, hence his stage name, which is when he feels he finally started breaking out of his shell. After graduating in 2012 from Neville High School, he took a year off and came to Grambling with no intentions of being known as a rapper. 

He joined Black Dynasty Modeling troupe to get people familiar with his face, and also gain more friends who knew him for him, not for his music. Now being a year into his college career, he has introduced a new side of himself that most people never knew. He began promoting songs from his Soundcloud on Instagram and Twitter, but didn’t receive much recognition.

A little less than a month ago, he released a single that is receiving nothing but positive feedback. The6thGrade says this  song is introducing people to the ratchet raps he is able to make.

 “I used to be too conscious. At first I felt like my lyrics were going over my listeners heads. I say I dumbed it down a little bit, but my raps still got bars in them, you just got to listen,” he explained to me in an interview. Six spoke on the making of this record, including the shots of brown, which assisted the energy heard through this song.   

Despite knowing who made the beat, it was an instrumental available via YouTube that he stumbled upon, not to mention every word was improved.

The6thGrade has worked and designed with various clothing lines and plans on keeping all work in-house. He has support from the well-known DJ Twins and a good percentage of the student body. A video for “Boss Up The Trap” is currently under wraps with more singles hidden in the stash, but his main focus is pushing this single. 

Check it out on YouTube by typing “Boss Up The Trap” in the search bar, which has reached over 2500 views in three weeks.