Author: Tatyana Wright


Student pleads for new, better dorms

As a student I know that other students would love to live in a comfortable envi- ronment, and it is no secret that students are pleading for better dorms. As a senior with honors, I figured selecting my dorm would be a piece of cake. But to find out that there is no longer […]


Will GSU courses be online only in the fall?

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic that has struck has left many students confused and wondering when they will be able to come back on campus.  Grambling State University opened registration for fall effective this April via email, but still many wonder will the students, faculty and staff members will get to […]


When will students be able to return to campus?

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has left many students confused and wondering when will they be able to return to campus.  Grambling State University has announced that registration for next fall and the summer will be in effect this April via email but still many wonder will the students will get […]


Athlete Profile: Sophomore making strides

Williams takes pride being on the track team. A Grambling State University track and field student made it into the 60 meter track finals last Friday. Burnell Williams, 20, is a sophomore runner who accomplished his goal in making it in the finals at the track team’s second track meet […]