Student pleads for new, better dorms

As a student I know that other students would love to live in a comfortable envi- ronment, and it is no secret that students are pleading for better dorms.

As a senior with honors, I figured selecting my dorm would be a piece of cake. But to find out that there is no longer housing for honor students? I was very upset.

You would think that even upperclassmen or hon- ors would get special dorms, but that is not true. If we get the bare minimum, just think about what regular students live like.

Some students argue that the dorm process is a “first come first serve thing”, but I disagree. It is unfair to students who work hard. And no matter how fast you select a dorm, it is still not promised to be a dorm that is worth living in. 

My dorm has a dent inthe sink area that can be hazardous to anyone because anyone can fall through if
they walk hard enough on it. My room door does not lock 
at all, and no matter how many work orders I submit, there is still nothing. 

"Students with honors also should have a fair pick and better option on dorms because it is unfair for a student on academic probation to live luxuriously while a student with honors lives poorly."

I believe that first come first serve”should be canceled because we need a dorm improvement period first.
Students have complained about water issues and mishaps with their tub and sinks, and nothing is being resolved.

Students are also com- plaining about ant issues, and I believe them because I myself had an encounter with ants crawling in my bed on my first night in col– lege. YES! As a freshman.

We need to improve our dorms that we currently have, and we need to build more because a lot of students had to reside off campus due to there being no dorm rooms availabe. 

Students literally had to come out of pocket month- ly to stay in apartments because there was no space available on campus, and that is widely unacceptable.

So now what happens? We pleaded then and we’re still pleading, but it seems like there is no effort being put toward better dorms; instead we have a virtual library that isn’t completed. Not to sound ungrateful, but it isn’t fair, especially for upperclassmen who just want to graduate.

If your home is your sanctuary, how can we focus in a place that isn’t peaceful to us?

Students with honors also should have a fair pick and better option on dorms because it is unfair for a student on academic probation to live luxuriously while a student with honors lives poorly.

We literally need people to evaluate these dorms and give all students a fair chance to pick and live in

a comfortable space. We need more dorms because the few we have are starting to crumble. We are being left treated unfairly, and I demand more for myself and fellow students.

Tatyana Wright is a senior mass communication major from Seagoville, Texas.