Athlete Profile: Sophomore making strides

Williams takes pride being on the track team.

A Grambling State University track and field student made it into the 60 meter track finals last Friday.

Burnell Williams, 20, is a sophomore runner who accomplished his goal in making it in the finals at the track team’s second track meet in Houston, Texas.

Not only did he make the track finals but he was the only male from Grambling State University to make it as well.

“I was very scared at first knowing that only the top eight runners will make the finals and this is also my first year running, so it was a lot of pressure on me, but I am glad that I didn’t let the pressure get to me,”said Williams.

Track has been in Williams’ life for a long time so this accomplishment really excited him and shocked him knowing that track is much different in college than high school, because it is more challenging.

“I was like ‘Wow I really made it to the finals in college running against a lot of other talented runners that have probably been running since they were five.’ That is just unbelievable to me,’’ Williams said.

Williams has had  his passion for running track since he was 12 years old when he use to race against his school friends

“I would always win so I became interested in learning more about the sport,” Williams said.

Track is a very competitive and extremely serious sport to most people who participate in it, however, not to Williams.

He believes that it is a very fun yet challenging sport to partake in, but it does not mean that he doesn’t take track seriously.

“I take track very seriously and I am a hard worker when it comes down to the sport because this is truly one of my passions, but I do believe with any sport you should just have fun and be humble because when you are not that’s is when stuff can get tough for you,” Williams said.

Training for track can be exhausting at times because it is a lot of preparation, some may say, but Burnell pushes himself even more by training intensely to perfect his craft.

“I train a lot for track, in the mornings, at practice, and on my own time late at night,” Williams said. 

The following day of the track meet Williams participated in the finals, but he did not take home the victory of winning the finals. 

“I was still very happy to make it in the finals with the top eight runners anyway. Most people can’t even accomplish that and I did,” Williams said.

Williams explained that he does plan to keep making finals and his next big goal is to win finals

He also stated he does not plan to stop running track anytime soon. 

“I definitely can’t see myself not running track,  because I have been doing it so long and I plan on continuing,” Williams said.