When will students be able to return to campus?

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has left many students confused and wondering when will they be able to return to campus. 

Grambling State University has announced that registration for next fall and the summer will be in effect this April via email but still many wonder will the students will get to go back to school.

The first summer session will still be in effect but conducted online like it has been these past few weeks.

As of now summer session two which begins June 30 looks like the earliest students and staff may be able to return to campus.   

Britni Grayson works in the administration office at Grambling State University. 

She has been working and doing her job however she is still not informed on a direct date about school and when it will be up and going. 

“It’s up to the pandemic and the social distancing really because if the numbers are not going down by August it may be pushed back to January 2020 so the best we can do is pray and hope that everything dies downs,” Grayson said. 

Students still don’t know much about what the future has to hold with their classes and this has even affected the incoming freshman and transferring students because they are getting their dates pushed back for registration. 

The campus living and housing department released on their Twitter account that registration dates for incoming freshman and transfer students were pushed back. 

Students have taken their concern to many social media outlets and have been searching for answers regarding their arrival for their next semester. Many are are asking the campus living and housing department on Twitter about updates. 

Ryan Gilbert, 20, a sophomore at Grambling, said she was worried her junior year experience has been diminished. 

“I am a criminal justice major so I wonder about my growth because now we are taking online classes I feel that I am not getting the same education and I also worry that I want have a junior year at all and I wonder where this is going to take us it’s completely saddening,” Gilbert sid. 

Some students have also made the best out of the situation by even making some social media posts joking about whether school will start back in August or not.