Author: Brielle Smith


O’Hara: ‘I wanted to play soccer because my sister played’

Klarysa O’Hara, a Grambling State University soccer player, is starting her season off right.  As many people would’ve guessed she would’ve played because she was good or because she played all her life, but we have recently found out Klarysa played soccer just to be like her bigger sister. The […]


Alyssa Goodloe: ‘Dedication pays off!’

Grambling State University sophomore soccer player Alyssa Goodloe is a very outgoing Grambling student.  Goodloe is from Beamont, Calif. and is majoring in Biology.  While she would like to further her soccer career, she also wants to become an orthopedic doctor. Goodloe knows exactly what she wants in life. Goodloe […]