Talk Back: How fast does the faculty at your HBCU answer your questions or concerns?

Patrick Mccoy 
Engineering Tech Major
New Orleans

“I really feel like they don’t listen to us, I barely get any answer for anything especially with the financial aid office they barely want to even answer the phone! I can also say the teachers barely respond to anything especially a simple email regarding work.”


Cory Smith
Computer science major
Fort Worth, Texas

“They take forever just to respond to anything. I honestly have to say it would take longer than a week to just hear anything back from them.”


Klarysa O’Hara
Nursing major
San Diego, Calif.

“The faculty take forever to get back with anything! I literally had to keep calling just to get information about scholarships and other stuff but still wasn’t directed in the right way! Honestly wish they would change that and start listening to the students more. “


KaLeah Reynolds
Shreveport, La.

“They don’t respond in a timely manner and when they respond your either directed to someone else, or they don’t know what you’re talking about. Honestly, if you’re not an athlete, band member, SGA member or FSUB, they really could care less.”


Britany Hunter
Mass communication
New Orleans

“As a student, I feel that faculty and staff should get to us at a timelier matter. I do understand that they may be busy with other students, but it is still their job to do their part. Sometimes it takes weeks for them to answer the phone and it’s not fair to the students who needed help with something as soon as possible”.