Single mother, student Freeman: ‘Life can be a bit crazy, but I am truly up for the challenge’

Motherhood can be tough especially when you are a single mother of two and have no family near your college, but Azuri Freeman truly shows everyone who is a teen mother that anything is possible. 

Freeman is a re-admit freshman at Grambling State University majoring in biology. She has been dealing with a lot as a freshman. 

Freeman is currently mothering one child and having another one at the age of 19. 

“Life can be a bit crazy, but I am truly up for the challenge, I love my kids no matter what,” she said.  

Classes and work can all be a bit crazy, but she truly has the motivation from family and peers to continue her journey and get the degree and her dream job. 

“I have no other choice but to make it out of college, because I need a career and not a job. I have too many people looking up to me and I have to be a provider,” she said.  

Freeman is currently working at Whataburger after classes she must do overtime in order to pay her bills. 

”I have been slaving day in and day out trying to cover my bills and make sure food is on the table,“ she said.

She lives in an off-campus apartment because she has her adorable baby with her but he requires a lot of attention.Her expenses are quite a lot. 

Freeman truly loves the experience; she just wishes she had more help with childcare though she does have a part time babysitter – Jazmine – who watches her son for her throughout the day for class and at night while going to work.  

“It wasn’t easy finding Jazmine. I had to walk around and ask people and that still didn’t work so then, I created an Indeed account and added my requirements for the job,” she said.  

Next thing, Jazmine got the gig by having experience and is now helping Freeman on her journey to being a college graduate.

Freeman said if you want success, just put your head up and strive to be the best no matter what.

“Being a mother is not easy, but is life easy. No, so I can’t give up I have to keep going to the top and my story will be told because this is something special and I must be positive,” she said. 

Azuri Freeman