O’Hara: ‘I wanted to play soccer because my sister played’

Klarysa O’Hara, a Grambling State University soccer player, is starting her season off right. 

As many people would’ve guessed she would’ve played because she was good or because she played all her life, but we have recently found out Klarysa played soccer just to be like her bigger sister. The two played together as children in San Diego where they grew up.  

“I wanted to play soccer because my sister played, and I wanted to be just like her,” O’Hara said. 

Her sister inspired O’Hara to go to college and make the best out of soccer and take the lead over her life as a soccer player.

“Freshman year as well as sophomore year wasn’t that good, I kind of sucked,” O’Hara said.  

Now that Head Soccer Coach Craig Roberts has come along, she said she has come so much further in her playing career, such as being able to truly gain the information and true skills needed to succeed in this sport. 

O’Hara  said Roberts has truly been beneficial for her and the team because he understands that he needs to help the team succeed. 

“He has helped us all become friends and have someone to always talk to and he helps teach us how to balance our life and school,” O’Hara said. 

O’Hara did not play soccer all her life as many people may think. She also played basketball and football which she loved so very much, and she was pretty good. O’Hara said those sports didn’t complete her, so she stuck with soccer. 

“It all started in seventh grade, basically when I was in middle school because that’s when I truly got the fundamentals down,” O’Hara said. 

She said the fundamentals have truly benefited her for college soccer.

O’Hara has continued to follow her dream, as of today it is her third year on the field, and she doesn’t plan to stop here. 

If passion and consistency was a person it very well could be O’Hara as her passion for soccer is through the roof. 

As she progresses and continues to stay strong through all her trials and tribulations that soccer has put on her as a college student it truly doesn’t stop her joy nor her love as she continues to smile and go out there and play strong every game. 

O’Hara even pointed out a few strengths she has taken on. 

 “A strength from being a defender player is being able to see the field better without having to look up because I already know where people are supposed to be,” she said. 

She truly keeps everything in line while her sister continues to encourage her to do her best and is able to make it to the top which means finishing all her years at Grambling State University as a girls’ soccer player with hopes to further her skills afterwards. 

Klarysa O’Hara