Alyssa Goodloe: ‘Dedication pays off!’

Grambling State University sophomore soccer player Alyssa Goodloe is a very outgoing Grambling student. 

Goodloe is from Beamont, Calif. and is majoring in Biology. 

While she would like to further her soccer career, she also wants to become an orthopedic doctor. Goodloe knows exactly what she wants in life.

Goodloe started playing soccer at the age of 10, on a little league team called Pateadores. Once she found out that soccer was her true calling, she took off and became more advanced in her Leagues! 

“I earned a position on a competitive and successful ECNL team because I worked hard and I stayed dedicated, I have always been persistent and that shows that I am a good athlete,” Goodloe said. 

 She has two older sisters, Hannah and Haley whom she looks up to. 

“I really love my family, they are very supportive and always help motivate me in a positive direction, if it wasn’t for them, I don’t know where I would be,” Goodloe said. 

Goodloe’s support system and her great dedication for soccer led her to Grambling State University. She began attending in the fall of 2020.

“I attended Grambling State university because of the challenge and the competitive soccer program they have, I also loved how much they cared and how honest they were,” Goodloe said. 

She truly has worked so hard just to get here. 

Goodloe didn’t have it as easy as everyone else, this is where she put in the time and effort to be as good as she is today

 “I have stayed up for hours working on my skills just so that I could be playing for a university and not looking crazy when the time came,” Goodloe said.  

She has been a part of the Grambling soccer team since her freshman year. Currently in her second season she has come to make her mark on the team as a defender, forward repping the jersey no. 5. 

“With the strict athletic program and the high expectations I know that we all will be able to follow our dreams and make it somewhere because the coach expects nothing but the best from his players,” Goodloe said. 

Goodloe is ready to take on her new year with a strong approach and stay positive and engage more on working as a team. She is so excited that she gets to spend another year as a Grambling soccer player. 

Working as a team has perks because you get to meet some good people and bring them in as your family. Which will truly come in handy because it helps keep the team progressing and growing into something way bigger as others would say a family. 

“My team is the best,” Goodloe said. “They are truly supportive, and we all help each other stay aligned, we have all became this one happy family and I wouldn’t trade them for world.”

Goodloe said she is proof dedication really can pay off and make a dream come true. 

“You don’t know what a huge accomplishment this is to be running up and down that field,” she said. “I truly love it. Believe me when I say dreams will come true if you work for it.”

Alyssa Goodloe