Author: Sarah-Renee Garner


Is celebrating our founders important?

Sarah-Renee Garner Is Founders Day important? Yes, Founder’s Day is extremely important; in fact, it is so important that GSU has turned Founder’s Day into Founder’s Week. Students, faculty, and alumni, get the opportunity to learn about GSU’s humble beginning in several different enriching activities. As a freshman, I did […]

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Surviving predators at GSU

A docuseries surrounding allegations against Robert Sylvester Kelly, famously known as R. Kelly, was released on Jan. 3. These allegations were centered around sexual abuse and pedophilia, as most of the alleged victims ranged between the ages of 13 and 17.    Since the series aired, there has been an […]


GARNER: Sarah Says

With our fall semester FINALLY coming to an end, I am sending you all tons of positivity and good energy. We are all probably stressing about exams over things that we have more than likely forgotten, but do not fret. With these study tips, you will set yourself up for […]


The importance of reversing the stigma of mental health

Sarah-Renee Garner  is a junior mass communication major from Dallas, Texas. With the start of SarahSays, I wanted to stray away from being a relationship advice column, or a column festering gossip, but this week’s submission was something I think we as young students should speak on: our mental health, […]


GARNER: We must vote

Welcome to the first ever issue of SarahSays! SarahSays, named after me, Sarah-Renee, is a column dedicated to giving students a way to discuss what is happening in our community as young black collegiate students. SarahSays will allow weekly submissions from students across GSU’s campus: here you can ask questions, […]


GSU professors have selective caring

Sarah-Renee Garner With my experience at Grambling State University, I have come across professors who claim to care about the state of black youth, and the progression of black people. Yet, they continue to give us busy work, under the guise of “preparing us for the real world” as if […]

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GSU makes technological strides with new app

Grambling State University recently unveiled an app on Oct. 2, that brings GSU right to student’s fingertips. Many students have complained about the lack of technological growth at GSU, but this recent update is a step in the right direction. The students in the student technology committee are the leaders […]