GARNER: Sarah Says

With our fall semester FINALLY coming to an end, I am sending you all tons of positivity and good energy.

We are all probably stressing about exams over things that we have more than likely forgotten, but do not fret. With these study tips, you will set yourself up for success, and you will at LEAST pass your classes with a C.

If you are on the brink of a C or D, this time is vital. It is important for you to assess all possible ways that you can potentially bring your failing grade to a passing, or to keep your C at a C.

First, hopefully, you have already formed a great relationship with your professors. So, now that the semester is over, and all you have now is time to study, look over all of your test that you took throughout the semester.

Then, form a quizlet of all of your exams, and repeatedly go over it under the flashcards section. This allows you to repeatedly go over things you are supposed to know, and you will retain that information.

Next, relax! Being riled up and stressed will not contribute to your success. Spending time stressing over things no longer in your control, is extremely unhealthy and unproductive.

Focus that energy into ending this semester off to a strong start.

Next, set very realistic expectations with yourself about the grades you will potentially receive. If you KNOW you have been slacking off all semester, do not expect to receive an A. Be realistic.

Last but certainly not least, celebrate the fact that you made it through this very difficult semester.

With these steps, I can assure you that you will come out victorious. If all else fails, just charge it to the game, and come back next semester ready to work.

Graduating seniors, good luck on this journey you are about to embark on. You are finally able to start those careers that you have been working so hard for. Show the world what a GSU graduate can, and will, do. I wish you the absolute best.