GSU professors have selective caring

Sarah-Renee Garner

With my experience at Grambling State University, I have come across professors who claim to care about the state of black youth, and the progression of black people. Yet, they continue to give us busy work, under the guise of “preparing us for the real world” as if we are not already living in the real world.
Further, I have only had three to four professors actually understand that life happens outside of college, despite the obligatory “mental health” speech that most of them give.
Some professors, usually older, belittle college experiences, and act as if they do not matter because they have not comepltely experienced life.
Further, professors claim about caring about you, as long as, it does not get in the way of anything they expect of you because of course, there were exceptions to their mental health speech, and they are always that exception.
I say all that to say, that students should not abuse struggling with mental health as a way to get out of assignments that they are ill-prepared for.
Being poorly prepared is not an excuse to try and blame your own shortcomings on a professor because that is your fault.
Lastly, GSU professors only care, when it benefits them,  and that is the problem.
Assigning an assignment that has no relevance to the growth of me in that class, is sick, and maybe they should do something else with their lives.