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GSU makes technological strides with new app

Grambling State University recently unveiled an app on Oct. 2, that brings GSU right to student’s fingertips. Many students have complained about the lack of technological growth at GSU, but this recent update is a step in the right direction.

The students in the student technology committee are the leaders of the creation of this app. GSU’s class leaders Omar Sims, the junior class president, and Adarian Williams, the student body president, saw potential in this app, and pushed for the support of the students creating it.

Jovan Hackley, the Associate Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Marketing, is thrilled that students were a part of springing GSU forward.

“For GSU, a critical point that we want to improve on is our student communication experience, so we must meet students where they are,” said Hackley. “We have an environment of now, where 59% of people are using media on their smart-phones. Also, mobile devices now drive 80% of social media usage.”

Many students have complained about GSU not being as tech savvy as it should, and many students see this app in as a step in the right direction.

Tyler Casnel, 21, a sophomore mass communication major from Jackson, Miss., loves the new update.

“This app is so easy, and so accessible,” said Casnel. “I always complain about Grambling being old and outdated, but I can see that they are taking important steps.”

In the first week after launching the app, there were almost 1,000 downloads. The is GSU app is now available for both Apple and Android.