Author: Kaderra Hilts


HILTS: Long distance relationships… Are they truly realistic?

Kaderra Hilts is a senior mass communication major from Arlington, Texas.    A round of applause for those who have figured out long distance relationships because it is not an easy task.  Long distance relationships have a lot of  factors to them such as the distance, the means of communicating, […]


GSU student getting clicks as Youtuber

Samaybree Christenson has over 1,400 subscribers to her Youtube channel. Courtesy photo Samayabree Christenson is a Youtuber on Grambling State University’s campus.  Her channel, “SamayabreeTV” features a multitude of different subjects such as hair and makeup tutorials, prank and relationship videos, as well as Grambling life vlogs and college advice […]


HILTS: Why do situationships exist?

Kaderra Hilts A “situationship,” according to the most popular definition on Urban Dictionary, is “a relationship that has no label on it. Like a friendship, but more than a friendship, not quite a relationship.”  I will not say that situationships are a waste of time because in every type of […]


HILTS: The use of the N- Word

Kaderra Hilts is a senior mass communication major from Arlington, Texas.    In my opinion, if you are a black student, you should be able to use that word as much as you want in the proper context. Some black leaders in Grambling would argue that the n-word is not […]


Sigma Alpha Iota president is the student who can do it all

Ashton Gabriel Myers is a bright, warm and extremely hard working full-time student who was recently elected the president of the Eta Zeta chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity. In addition, Myers is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Miss Phi Beta Sigma 2019-2020 and a […]