GSU student getting clicks as Youtuber

Samaybree Christenson has over 1,400 subscribers to her Youtube channel. Courtesy photo

Samayabree Christenson is a Youtuber on Grambling State University’s campus. 

Her channel, “SamayabreeTV” features a multitude of different subjects such as hair and makeup tutorials, prank and relationship videos, as well as Grambling life vlogs and college advice videos. Christenson’s channel not only shows off her bubbly personality, but also has something on there for anyone.

 “I’ve had this channel since 2013,” Christenson said. “I did not start posting stuff until 2015/2016, but I wanted to create this channel because I have always watched Youtube. I honestly was just influenced by other youtubers. From 8th grade until now, I watch Youtube way more than I watch TV. I have always wanted to be a content creator because I just enjoy being on camera, truthfully.”

Christenson, a native of Phoenix, Ariz., is a full-time junior majoring in visual performing arts. She also serves as Miss August 2019-2020, Miss Eta Zeta 2019-2020, is a member of GSU’s Cheerleading team and still manages to have a video posted once a week. 

“I honestly like all my videos just because it took a lot of effort and time to edit and create those videos,” Christenson said. “My favorite video has to be my ‘Sister Tag’ video. I posted that video like four years ago, but that is my favorite because my siblings are hilarious. I am the oldest out of six other kids.”

Christenson is constantly trying  to gain inspiration throughout the day for new concepts for new videos.

“I do research, and then I come to a conclusion on what kind of video and content I want to make,” Christenson said. “My channel is geared more towards entertainment… whatever I think is funny or whatever I think will interest people, that is the kind of content I make” 

Samayabree TV is a channel you can go to for laughs or you can go to for knowledge.

 “There are a few reasons why people would come to my channel,” Christenson said. “They either want to be entertained or because they want to know more about college life, or they want to know how to do a hairstyle that I posted on other social media handles. I just want people to be inspired when they come to my channel, I want them to learn something.”

You can also catch features from her boyfriend, friends, and even her fraternity sisters in her many vlog videos. She documents moments that are precious to her and makes the most of her life here on campus. Christenson is always hoping to find a way to influence others with the content that she creates for Samaybree TV. Even if it is just a smile. 

“I want to be a helping hand, as well as, someone that can put a smile on your face when you are having a bad day. I know I have logged on to Youtube a couple of times and watched some funny videos and my whole mood would change,” Chrstenson said. “People have Youtube channels on thousands of things: it is such a versatile platform. I encourage people that if they want to start a Youtube channel, do not wait and just start it because you never know what can happen.”