Students choose the best of GSU

The Student Choice Awards, like always, falls on the Monday of Tiger Fest at Grambling State University. It’s the opening to the festivities for the week, and it’s usually where the upbeat feel of the week comes from, and this Monday was no different.  Because of renovations being done at […]

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Student Government Association election

Election week at Grambling State University is one of character and where all of the stops are pulled out to showcase and spread candidates’ name around campus. From parades to dorm walks, candidates and their campaign teams are put to the test to ensure that their names are called as […]


University of Louisiana at Monroe quarterback dies

The death of 20-year-old, University of Louisiana at Monroe quarterback, Daniel Fitzwater, has been a hard pill to swallow for his loved ones, teammates, and friends alike. In spite of the hurt that the Fitzwater family is left to battle after the stunning death of their son, Mark Fitzwater is […]


Smith named as Student Journalist of the Year by NABJ

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) has announce the selection of Tierra Smith of Grambling State University as the association’s 2015 Student Journalist of the Year. The award recognizes a full-time collegiate journalist who displays a commitment to NABJ’s goal of outstanding achievement within the field of journalism. It […]


Police Departments make excessive force a habit

Across America, allegations of excessive force against police departments continue to generate media headlines, and with the latest developments in the news questioning police brutality, people have found it hard to believe that all of the these events are “justified.” According to, surveys in recent years with minority groups, […]


Grambling Lab sponsors ACT Boot Camp

Grambling State University Laboratory High School, Simsboro High School, and Gibsland-Coleman High School participated in an ACT Boot Camp on Friday, March 13. The camp was held in the Betty Smith Nursing Building auditorium. Approximately 177 students attended the camp and all seniors and juniors at Grambling High School […]


Local man arrested for forcible rape

On Monday, investigators with the Ruston Police Department arrested a man in an alleged rape case. Ruston resident Kerrick D. Chambers 23, was charged with one count of forcible rape. According to the Ruston Daily Leader, the victim came to the Ruston Police Station "physically shaking and obviously distraught" […]


‘Never Be a N*gger is SAE’

ldquo;There will never be a n*gger at SAE,” sang members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Inc. to the tune “If Your Happy and You Know It.” A video that surfaced on Sunday showed the Oklahoma Chapter of SAE singing this, along with other lyrics describing things such as lynching, […]


Drake breaks the Internet with surprise album release

Was it a mixtape? Was it an album? No one cares. The 17 tracks that Drake recently released was one that shocked his fans and critics alike.  Drake pulled a “Beyonce” by releasing a surprise album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, immediately becoming a bandwagon classic. The Internet […]


J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar bringing the movement back

When thinking of the rap­pers J. Cole and Kendrick La­mar the first word that comes to mind is “genius,” the sec­ond word would be “lyricist.” They are the only two rap­pers that come to mind when I think of modern day hip-hop. Both rappers have a way of speaking to […]