Drake breaks the Internet with surprise album release

Was it a mixtape? Was it an album? No one cares. The 17 tracks that Drake recently released was one that shocked his fans and critics alike. 

Drake pulled a “Beyonce” by releasing a surprise album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, immediately becoming a bandwagon classic. The Internet instantly went crazy with screenshots of the album cover, and left the social media world with a lifetime of quotable lyrics. 

Some speculate that this album reflected his most recent dilemma: Cash Money Records being in a financial dispute with his mentor Lil Wayne, or that there has been speculation that he has not received all of his money from substantial back royalties. There was also speculation that Drake used this as a way to get out his four-album deal with Young Money Records. 

Years of whispers about Drake being owed money were validated with the release of this surprise album, seeing that he addressed some of his issues in most of the songs. This album also happens to arrive on the six-year anniversary of his star-making So Far Gone mixtape. 

On most Drake records, a person can expect to have multiple songs that leave you wanting to call your ex, apologizing for something that you did wrong. But this album is something different. It’s not as vulnerable. 

The first song on the album, “Legend,” seems to be an instant hit that people like to request and dance to. The catching melody speaks of him believing that when everything is set and done, he will still go down in history as a legend in hip-hop. 

This album is different. Lyrically he has a way of combining slang with that of star power. Using his lyrics to not sound as cocky, but using them more as a direct threat. Not to mention that all 17 tracks made the Billboard top songs list, which hasn’t been done since the Beatles were relevant. 

Regardless of what Drake was trying to accomplish, it seems that one thing is certain: For the first time in his career, Drake doesn’t sound like he wants to be remembered as one of the greats. This time, he  just is.