Grambling Lab sponsors ACT Boot Camp


Grambling State University Laboratory High School, Simsboro High School, and Gibsland-Coleman High School participated in an ACT Boot Camp on Friday, March 13. The camp was held in the Betty Smith Nursing Building auditorium.

Approximately 177 students attended the camp and all seniors and juniors at Grambling High School was administered the ACT test on Tuesday.

The boot camp was an intense ACT preparation focused on improving higher scores for students. The program was presented by Craig Gehring. Gehring, who scored a perfect score on the ACT and the SAT, has shared his knowledge with students around the United States.

Students learned about how to use their time wisely, how to focus on math problems and learned how to interpret their ACT scores.

Each student received an ACT Boot Camp Work Book that was written by Gehring.

Students used the workbook during the presentation and the books were given to them so that the students can work on further preparation at home with parental support.

GHS officials used Title One Funding to pay for the ACT workbooks and the Boot Camp.

"In the fall we tested all of our students using the KAPLAN ACT Test. We held parental meetings with all of our parents to discuss the results. We let parents know what scores a student must receive on the ACT for college acceptance and we have focused on improving scores all year," said Dr. Pamela Payne, GHS principal.

The students had a positive reaction to the camp.

"The boot camp gave me more confidence, and I feel ready for the test," said Kyrah Hill, a GHS junior.

"I really liked the way he (Mr. Gehring) made us focus on using our time wisely," said senior Jakelia Jones.

Senior Dwayne Durham said, "I like that he (Mr. Gehring) showed us how to focus on what we need to make on each section of the ACT to achieve our goals."

"A goal of every high school is to ensure that graduates are college and career ready. ACT test scores influence a student’s post high school options. As educators, we must use all of our resources-physical, technological, and financial- to provide our students with a well-rounded education that will allow them to reach their educational goals," said Melanie Colvin.

The presentation was organized by Colvin, Candace Westbrook, Dr. Payne, Dr. Kathryn Newman, Monica Locke, Dr. Lillie Williams-Hearn, Chris Jackson, and students from GSU’s Department of Education.

Colvin said the GHS class of 2015 offered thanks to all of the individuals who worked on the project.