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Bayou Classic Fan Festival

Thousands gather at the 2018 Fan Fest to enjoy food, prizes and a variety of musical performances. Courtesy photo The last day of the 45th Bayou Classic weekend is also the busiest and most important day of the entire weekend. It is the day that determines who will leave the […]


SONNIER: Why voters think their vote doesn’t count

Choosing the right song to ride off to while in the car can be a very overwhelming decision. For some people, picking the right candidate to vote for can be just as stressful. This is one of the many reasons people choose not to vote. During campaign season, many individuals […]


SONNIER: Donald Trump National Alert

Devonta Sonnier  Did you get that text too?! Every single person in the United States of America received the same exact phone alert from none other than, #45 himself, Donald Trump. The alert was a test for a new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) system that will allow any U.S. […]

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Grambling 2.0: The Update

Upgrading from an old iPhone to a new one, feels like passing an exam you did not study for. Grambling State plans on updating to make student life even better than before. Many students complain about the slow internet speed. By Spring 2019, the campus can expect a major update […]


The most remarkable things in our lives …

Devonta Sonnier  The most remarkable things in our lives is knowing the true meaning of love.     Whether it is your spouse or sibling, love is such a beautiful thing, knowing that every inch of you is dedicated to helping a loved one accomplish their biggest goals. Love is […]


Career Services prepares students

What is Career Services? As we all know, there is an endless number of careers to choose from, but one must be ready. Why not get the proper help to mold yourself as the perfect candidate for the job.  If looking for the appropriate help, Career Services at Grambling State […]


Speak up! Lyrical Quest hosts Open Mic Night

Grambling State University’s own Lyrical Quest, a group of artistic individuals, held an Open Mic Night on Nov. 12. Open Mic Night was hosted by Lyrical Quest member, “Lil Shreveport”, and DJ D. Watts helped with the tunes.  The group is very family-orientated. They all seem to just vibe with […]


Artist combines art, digital design in Senior Exhibition

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts on Tuesday hosted a Senior Exhibition reception for Sivram Jackson, whose works will be on display through Nov. 12 at Dunbar Gallery. The title of Jackson’s exhibit is “Classically Blind Vision.”     GLENN LEWIS/The Yearbook Sivram Jackson (right) explains his work to […]


Men experience domestic violence too

For those who may not know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.    Devonta Sonnier Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often including the threat or use of violence.  Other terms for domestic violence include intimate […]