The most remarkable things in our lives …

Devonta Sonnier

Devonta Sonnier 

The most remarkable things in our lives is knowing the true meaning of love.    

Whether it is your spouse or sibling, love is such a beautiful thing, knowing that every inch of you is dedicated to helping a loved one accomplish their biggest goals. Love is wanting more for a person rather than your own well-being. It is the indescribable feeling of endless hope and happiness all in one mixture. 

The most remarkable thing about love is to know even when one is at their loneliest point; there is still no reason to feel alone. It is being able to help others knowing there is no prize in return. 

The most remarkable things in our lives … the desires to always want more out of life. Self-belief is the No. 1 key to success. It is quite strange how self-motivation could be so extraordinary. It takes a great deal of courage to believe in yourself. It also means a lot for others to believe in you. 

When a person sees potential in your success, it is such a phenomenal matter. It is extremely impressive how success can motivate others to do better. Watching others build foundations can change the life of one person. 

The most remarkable things in our lives … having family members who are reliable at all times. When the stresses of school get too overwhelming; and there is always a relative on speed dial. Whether it be an older sister who continuously gives the best advice, willingly. Or just having a trustworthy aunt or uncle to send that extra $50 in hard times. 

Family, majority of the time, should be a reliable resource to depend on. Though many seem to take advantage of their kin, true family does not turn their backs on one another. Family should be your largest support system. 

The most remarkable things in our lives … being able to face struggles with adversity and perseverance. It is amazing how one could still anticipate the rainbow at the finale of a really bad storm. It is striking how one just simply does not care about the many sacrifices it will take to reach success.  The long nights, time and dedication it takes to reach a peak point in your life. It is quite remarkable indeed, the fact that life can bring trials and tribulations, but forecast the better outcome instead. Life is about making things happen with little to no material at all. Making sure that one gives all props when they are due. 

Many aspects of our lives are remarkable in their own unique way — which is the remarkable reality of it all

The most remarkable things in our lives…


Devonta Sonnier is a senior mass communication major from New Orleans.