Author: Camryn London


GSU teams looking for comeback season this fall

Grambling State University athletics teams are looking for a comeback season after falling short of the ultimate goal, which is to be SWAC Champions. With their season just right around the corner, these teams and athletes are hungry to turn their season around this year to win it all.    […]


London: Farewell, Grambling

The day I stepped onto Grambling campus it felt like home away from home. Coming from a PWI (predominantly white institution), I didn't know what to expect. Being around everyone who was just like me, think like me, act like me, and who has the same interest as me was […]


LONDON: Are men expected to cheat?

Camryn London is a senior mass communication major from Birmingham, Ala. In this day of age, cheating has become normalized. It has become somewhat of a trend these days. People sacrificing love and loyalty for a good time. Let’s face it, we’re young. We’re in college. We are influenced by […]


Black students more likely to commit suicide

Besides all of the other crazy things that occur in the United States politically, economically or racially, no one is taking the initiative to bring to light that suicide is increasing in America.  Not only is increasing but the ages are dropping to as young as five years old.  You […]