London: Farewell, Grambling

The day I stepped onto Grambling campus it felt like home away from home.

Coming from a PWI (predominantly white institution), I didn't know what to expect. Being around everyone who was just like me, think like me, act like me, and who has the same interest as me was so satisfying. It felt like I belonged here. I didn't have to water down my personality or hide who I truly was or what I believed in anymore.

As a student athlete, the support from the school and fans was definitely unmatched. The energy and atmosphere is what motivates a lot of teams to go out and excel in their sport. It makes you want to just go above and beyond. Whether it's the band, the cheerleaders, the fans, the dancers, it was all enough to go all out and represent the name we wear across our chest. We wear the “G” so proudly because the name holds so much weight. So many legends have graduated from this great institution and it is always a blessing to represent and follow in their footsteps.

I’ve learned so much from not only in the classroom but about black culture and what it means to not only be black but to be successful, strong, and confident. I learned and began to understand the real meaning of “black girl magic”. From organizations, education, all the way to sports, magic runs all the way through Grambling. I loved how the room lit up when music was playing. I loved that we could joke about our schools flaws but the moment an outsider spews anything negative the whole student body would go crazy. I love how every event just felt like a big family reunion.

The relationships and bonds I’ve created will forever be attached to me. And I will forever be grateful for everything this great institution has taught me and offered me. From sports, to education, to the whole experience, I am grateful. I would like to thank my professors, counselors, and the whole administration who has had a hand in my success at Grambling. It's never, goodbye, but always, see you later.