LONDON: Are men expected to cheat?

Camryn London is a senior mass communication major from Birmingham, Ala.

In this day of age, cheating has become normalized. It has become somewhat of a trend these days. People sacrificing love and loyalty for a good time. Let’s face it, we’re young. We’re in college. We are influenced by celebrities and movies. While that is all fine and dandy, some people tend to forget that we are still human beings. And married or not we all have feelings and share emotions.

While men cheat for sexual relations, women cheat to replace what her man is lacking. Somebody who could possibly be your replacement. Men mostly live their lives in present time, making them unaware how something so small can become a huge problem. For example, he will meet a woman at a party, take her home, and that will be the end of that. But women think about the future. We tend to think things out ahead of time. 

While men are repeating this cycle with several different women, women are planning their marriage with the next man. Communication is key, but some men often lack in that skill. Not fully making it aware of what they want from you, they automatically assume that you should know what they want.

In my opinion, I do not expect a man to cheat prior to or during marriage. As an open minded person, I would rather a man honestly voice why they are not happy or what I am lacking in, before he decides to involve me in a mix of other women and play around with my feelings. If it’s something that I cannot fix I am open to freeing a man to let him run wild like a stray cat in the street. 

As young women we hold men to a high level and expect so much from them while they are still developing and maturing. No excuses, it’s the truth. Most men are not as in touch with their feelings as much as women are with their own. Besides choosing where to eat, we know what we want and how we want it when it comes to a relationship. Not as simple with men, they can be indecisive and drag women along to be a part of their trial and error and now you’re experiment #626.

So are men expected to cheat although they are not married? No but do not be surprised. This is an individual choice. You cannot categorize people because there are men who are willing to be loyal before and after marriage. 

Although there is a mass of men who choose not to be loyal there are also men who choose to be loyal, we just have to take the time to get to know them. Men have to realize that they affect others when they are not clear about their intentions and that also leads to baggage going into another relationship, which turns into a never ending cycle if there is no closure.