60th anniversary marked of Parks’ refusal to give up seat

Tuesday marked the 60th year anniversary of Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Her stance on Dec. 1, 1955, started the boycott that lasted 382 days from Dec. 5, 1955 to Dec. 29, 1956.  AP/File photos Rosa Parks’ booking photo when she […]


Fresh Company offers stress-relief activity to students

Fresh Company recently held a stress relief seminar called “Keeping a Balance.”   Courtesy photo Participants pose in front of the art created by throwing paint-filled balloons to relieve stress. Paint filled balloons of different colors were there, along with a white canvas. The instructions were to throw a balloon […]


Update improves Instagram app features

Instagram released a software update this month with some intriguing new features. What’s so good about this update you say? Well first let’s start off with the new direct message features, you can now send direct message without having to put a picture first. If you’ve had problems with your […]


‘Real talk’

Tuesday was Grambling State’s annual Constitution Day convocation, and a mysterious guest speaker embraced the campus with words of wisdom and motivation. Dr. Brown disguised himself as a street thug lookalike, lurking through the aisles of T.H. Harris Auditorium trying to find a place to sit.  In the beginning […]


Suge Knight Facing Life

On April 16, it was announced that Suge Knight will be standing on trial for charges of attempted murder and murder for allegedly running over two people in a Compton parking lot earlier this year. Knight was captured on security cameras hitting two men with his truck. His attorney proclaims […]


‘Crimes of the Heart’

The director of Crimes of the Heart said the production is a “fine balance walking that line” between the comedy and tragedy in the play. Paul Bolin, an instructor of the department of Visual and Performing Arts, selected the play because it was in keeping with the theme of family. […]