Suge Knight Facing Life

On April 16, it was announced that Suge Knight will be standing on trial for charges of attempted murder and murder for allegedly running over two people in a Compton parking lot earlier this year. Knight was captured on security cameras hitting two men with his truck. His attorney proclaims that Knight was acting in self-defense saying that he was assaulted by one of the two men and that making an escape by vehicle was his only choice of action. This eventually led into another excuse stating that Suge Knight was legally blind in his left eye.

Superior court Judge Ronald Coen ruled that there was enough evidence to head to trial after the survivor of the of the hit and run recanted part of his initial testimony to investigators. Cle Bone Sloan and Terry Carter were both hit by Knight and suffered serious injuries. Carter was run over and killed instantly while Sloan testifies that he was unable to recall details about the assault.

According to the L.A. Times the recanting testimony from witnesses is apart of a much larger problem during prosecution, especially when gang members are involved. According to defense attorney James Cooper, who is known for representing gang members, “Victims and witnesses often fear being labeled as ‘snitches’, concerned that it could lead to retaliation or would violate an unwritten code against cooperating with the police. For many, the reluctance to testify extends to cases against rival gang members and often remains even after someone has left a gang. They have a creed, they do not cooperate with the prosecution of a gang member even if he’s from a rival gang.”

Sloan had an interview with police that was played in court, which lays out how he and Knight had an argument before the two men were hit. If convicted, Knight could face life in prison.