Update improves Instagram app features

Instagram released a software update this month with some intriguing new features. What’s so good about this update you say? Well first let’s start off with the new direct message features, you can now send direct message without having to put a picture first. If you’ve had problems with your direct messages deleting well, with this new update that problem no longer exists. 

Screenshots are no more with this new update! There’s a new feature allowing you to send your friends a picture or video through InstaMessage by simply pressing a button. 

Armani Lee, Junior Mass Communications major from Denver Colorado, says she likes the update, 

“Because its cooler and easier to work,” said Lee.

Just when you think the update could not get any better Instagram gives you with the ability to undo deleting mistakes you may have made as Junior Nurse Tiera Oshon points out.

“The update is pretty cool even with the new feature where you can undo something you deleted on accident or didn’t mean to,” Oshon  said.

Jarad Johnigan, biology major said he’s hip to the new update. He says “He likes how it makes it easier to share pictures, videos, as well as text. The Direct Message Explore layout page has added new features as well. Things such as trendy topics and world news that helps to make the app more user friendly.”  

As far as the filters go, they have stayed the same but some new tools have been added. In the latest version of the Instagram application you can double tap any filter and pull up an intensity slider that lets you fine tune its effects. There is also a tool to allow you to switch on frames if a frame is available for a particular filter. 

To set this update apart from any other update coming out Instagram pulls out something that most would not even think is possible for a single application. Instagram has now made it so that you have to option to use less data with using their application! You heard correctly, all you have to do is go to your settings and click on cellular date usage and chose the option to use less data.

It’s safe to say that Instagram has outdone themselves with this new update.