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Youtube star attends Grambling

Sequanaka Mckinney Over the past couple of years, Youtube has become a source of income and a path to fame for people of all ages.  Youtube offers income opportunities to people who earn hundreds to thousands of subscribers in exchange for sharing relatable content.  Some teenagers and young adults have […]

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Miss Sophomore sheds light on experience in Royal Court life

Miss Sophomore Jada Greenlaw at the 66th Miss Grambling Coronation. Media Relations/Courtesy photo Being a member of the royal court is an honor and privilege at Grambling State University. Members serve as the voice of the student body and face of the university.  Jada Greenlaw, a sophomore political science major […]


Orchesis dancer transitions to cheerleading

Senior Rachel Moten is well known on campus for her dancing talents. Courtesy photo The Orchesis Dance Company is one of the most competitive and thrilling extra curricular activitiesat Grambling State University. Company members are expected to train five to seven days a week practicing different techniques and styles of […]


SHELTON: Anyone can learn how to trade forex

Mykhalah Shelton Forex is short for the foreign exchange market, and it is the largest financial market in the world, generating over $5 trillion dollars daily. People make money through buying and selling different currencies as the market fluctuates back and forth. It was not until about 10-15 years ago […]


Close look at true relief: inside mind of Kaelin Woodard

Pitcher Kaelin Woodard throws a pitch in relief for the Grambling State University baseball team. Courtesy photo Kaelin Woodard Kaelin Woodard didn’t choose to be a pitcher, it chose him.  “Being a pitcher to me is having the strongest mind and the most heart on the team,” Woodard,  a junior […]


Campus treats: Berried N Chocolate

Buckmon creates treats for several organizations. Courtesy photo Zion Buckmon Ending the month of love with one of its signature treats, chocolate covered strawberries sounds very tempting.    In fact, one of Grambling’s own up and coming businesses, Berried N Chocolate, is still taking orders.    Zion Buckmon, a senior […]