Grambling’s Hidden Treasures

While attending Grambling State University, I found one of GSU’s hidden treasures that many faculty and students may not know about or even remember. This hidden treasure used to be one of the biggest well-known moneymakers for the university of its time.  Alone, it brought in more profit to the […]

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Police Jury incumbents Wyatt, Hunter retain seats

With Saturday’s primary election having come and gone, there were some surprises at the polls. Even with the heavy rain and Grambling State and Louisiana Tech universities playing football games at home, many still made it out to vote.  Then again, some would say that both these things played a […]


TV Center gears up for new production

It’s Grambling is a upcoming TV show casing not only Grambling State News, but nation wide news as well.  The TV show news anchors will be Jahi Gilkey and Lea Bryant as the faces of the upcoming show. Even thought it hasn’t showcased on TV or other broadcasting networks, producers […]


Biden opts out; Trump, Clinton still in the lead

As the presidential primary campaigns keep gathering steam, the numbers remain fairly constant among Republicans and Democrats. One thing both parties have in common is that each is trying to find out which nominee would be the stronger candidate to become the nation’s next president. The Republican Party frontrunners continue […]


Kinesiology suffers teacher shortage

The recent shortage on instructors in the kinesiology department may not be as bad as we thought. The kinesiology department has been working hard to fill these empty spots in the department even with it being so late in the semester already. The solution to fix this problem is to […]


Teacher shortage causes strain for students and faculty

As the fall semester begins, Grambling has already started on a rocky road, due to the shortage in teachers the Foreign Language Department.   The department lost two instructors this past semester, losing a Spanish teacher to illness and a Spanish instructor to retirement, for a second time.  The Foreign […]