TV Center gears up for new production

It’s Grambling is a upcoming TV show casing not only Grambling State News, but nation wide news as well.  The TV show news anchors will be Jahi Gilkey and Lea Bryant as the faces of the upcoming show.

Even thought it hasn’t showcased on TV or other broadcasting networks, producers Brandon LaGarde, sophomore, and Kassandra Merritt, senior, both mass communication majors, is in the process of shooting it very soon, but right now it’s in the recording stages. 

The show’s first scheduled showcase is set for Monday, Oct. 26. The show plans to air once a week on Grambling’s own Channel 79 Sunday nights at 8:30 p.m. eastern time.

The production team is also planing to have the show air on Grambling’s App for the Apple and Android, but have a YouTube channel as well. 

The goal for the showcase is to run for 30 minutes each showcase, but its schedule to only run for about  5 to 10 minutes.

LaGarde and Kassandra Merritt creators of It’s Grambling, stated that they plan on running the show as long as they can and with possibilities of expanding it to more campuses around the nation, nationwide even. Kassandra Merritt stated “that she has been coming with ideas for the show since the summer time during her internship Alabama news network”. 

LaGarde even stated that “Kassandra is the brains behind the show, it wouldn’t be possible with out her influence. 

Merritt role in the show is she’s the Executive Producer, cofounder, reporter and whenever else she is needed. She is a very key component of the show. Brandon LaGarde role in the show is the director, cofounder, and producer. Both Brandon and Kassandra are big part of the show and its upcoming. They are so to the masterminds behind it. The show plans on being a big hit around not only Grambling State, but nation wide through other media communications. Its Grambling, plans to be a good showcase around for all views and to keep students updated on news around campus and nation wide.