In the church, in the system

A lot of African Americans grow up in the Christian church. The church is a huge part of our culture and in some aspects has even accompanied or inspired the people of our decent in times of struggle. In fact, the bible was one of the main […]


Our lives matter, do theirs?

In this generation when we are filled with rage from being oppressed, or what we call oppressed, we chant “Black Lives Matter”. We do this to show support of one another and we also use it as symbol of revolt towards “the man”. Little do we know, every time we […]


Tech’s BSU sponsors events

The Louisiana Tech Black Student Union hosted a Black Culture Week, from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4. The week consisted of events informing and involving students about Black culture events. BSU wanted to celebrate Black History Month to show unity within the black population attending Tech.   Alexis Harvey, a […]


What heritage is in your blood?

We all love our Black heritage, well let’s assume we do. But what exactly is our heritage?  Is it the progressiveness we have as a people as we continue to overcome oppression in a mentally destructive environment?  Is it our talented traits that have changed the course of music, fashion, […]

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Zika virus declared global emergency

A disease linked to the Zika virus in Latin America poses a global public health emergency requiring a united response, says the World Health Organization. Zika is a virus spread by mosquitoes that affects its victims with a fever rash, joint pain and red eyes. In most cases, the illness […]


Honoring Martin Luther King

Lets take a moment to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A man who literally sacrificed his life for a people that were in a time of need.  This is the man responsible for being the face of the Civil Rights Movement. A time where it was okay and basically […]


Most effective way to boycott is economic

As evidenced by the atrocious footages of Laquan McDonald’s execution, black lives in the United States are devalueed, regarded as subordinate and, in this case, the black body is used for target practice.  On the cusp of the holiday season activists are demanding justice for Laquan McDonald and the many, […]


How did Christmas come about?

Christmas has many different traditions. But where did they all come from?  We have Jesus Christ, trees, Santa Claus, elves and so on and so forth.  I did some research to try and connect all the clues.   We have all heard the story of Jesus Christ being born on […]


We must look into origins of ISIS

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has claimed responsibility for Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, but the group as we know it today is in many ways a product of Syria’s civil war. That war is much bigger than ISIS but it is crucial for understanding so much […]

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World mourns with Paris

When there’s bad news, bury it with sudden, ultra-violent attacks. It’s a tactic the Islamic State has used before on several occasions, and they apparently turned to it again on Friday by launching a brutal, unprecedented assault on Paris.   NOBEL MICHAEL/The Gramblinite Grambling students come together Thursday afternoon to […]