Eat Your Heart Out

Eat, Drink & Be Merry! Yes, what we usually call the holiday season has officially come to a close, but we must remember that life itself is a continuous celebration of opportunity and achievement of goals pursued.   Courtesy photo R. Kelly, The Buffet As the classic cliche goes, “you […]


Everyday feels like ‘TheWeeknd’

What a difference 72 hours can make? You know those three days at the end of the work week where you can feel free to just let yourself loose to do whatever you want and not be judged, as if you would even care anyway. Seems as if the R&B […]


Taking listeners to the future

A star is born and the gate has been opened to welcome we the inhabitants of planet earth to the digital delight of Janelle Monae’ as she unveils the sound of things to come with “The Chase: Suite One” from the epic tales of Metropolis!She is quite similar to another […]