Author: Corey Stanley

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Undergraduate nursing program OK’d by board

On April 10, Grambling State University and the Louisiana State Board of Nursing reached an agreement to maintain GSU’s undergraduate nursing program, the closure of which had been rumored for some time. Grambling officials agreed to enter into a signed consent agreement with the Louisiana State Board of Nursing during […]


A look at ‘the man in the mirror’

The likelihood of an African American being granted the chance to exhibit their maximum potential on a job that he or she is not only passionate about, but provides them with food, clothing, shelter, or the other quintessential things needed for survival are highly unlikely or slim to none. Es­pecially […]


80% or bust: Nursing program remains in limbo

The Grambling State University School of Nursing met with the Louisiana State Board of Nursing on Tuesday to discuss the future of the pro- gram. The board decided to keep the current status of the pro- gram, which is currently not accepting any new students into the professional nurs- ing […]