Talk back: How do you feel about GSU mandating students to get fully vaccinated in order to reside on campus next semester?

Taylor Robinson 
Little Rock, Ark.  

“I feel that Grambling forcing us to get vaccinated is just the same as any other vaccination  required for school. However, I understand why people are contemplating it because there isn’t  much reliable research on it. Not only that, but the vaccine has not even been available for a  year yet. We do not know how it will affect us in the long run.” 


Brielle Smith 
Forth Worth, Texas  

“So, I believe the vaccine should have been a choice. I feel as if you should decide whether you  want to protect yourself or not rather than making it mandatory and ripping others from their own decisions.” 


Kirsten Williams  
Houston, Texas  

“The vaccine is a tough topic that has many stereotypes surrounding it. But in my opinion  Grambling is doing the right thing by making it an order to get it to be able to reside on campus.  Their main goal is to keep us all safe and if the vaccine gets us there, I see no problem.”


Deshon Dorsey-Cochran  
Public Relations  
Atlanta, Ga. 

"I am already vaccinated but, I feel as if getting vaccinated should be by choice instead of it being required. Yes, the vaccine can help us stay safer but if they don’t want to get vaccinated then they shouldn’t force it. Some people don’t trust the vaccine & don’t know how it may affect  them. Vaccinated or not, you can still get Covid so either way is a risk." 


Zoe Jackson  
Monroe, La.  

"I think the GSU administration mandating vaccines on campus is the right decision. No matter  how you individually feel about the vaccine they have been approved by the FDA as being  effective and safe for the human body. The school cannot force anyone to get the vaccine but to  stay on campus it is a requirement I believe to help us get closer to normalcy. I myself am  already vaccinated and can’t wait for more chances to interact with the student body."