Homecoming week kicked off with ice cream social

FSUB kicked off homecoming week with ice cream social. Courtesy photo

Students enjoying themselves at the ice cream social. Courtesy photo

Monday, Oct. 28, the Favrot Student Union Board (FSUB) hosted an ice cream social entitled Drip·Ish. 

Students anxiously entered the atrium only to find that there was no ice cream in the building. 

“We ordered the ice cream in advance from Sodexo,” Taja Tillman, thebusiness manager for the Favrot Student Union Board, said. 

“When we called them, they told us that they did not receive our order, then after we showed them the email confirmation that we did, they went to ask the chef were our items there, and none were,” Tillman said. 

Although this was an unexpected turn of events for the student activities board, did not let this stop them from continuing on with their event. 

The board sent a representative to go buy ice cream and toppings from the store. 

“This this isn’t the first time we have had to come out of pocket for our events,” Arshauna Candler, FSUB president, said. 

“Our advisor is always very giving of herself and wants to make sure everything goes smoothly for us”, said Candler.

FSUB representaives said they are always working hard and doing whatever it takes to create successful and interactive events for students. 

With a full week of events they were able to bounce back from the ice cream mishap. 

“We never let anything effect us, we usually just roll with the punches, I have definitely learned to expects the unexpected,” Tillman said. 

There was music in the atmosphere as students waited and once the ice cream arrived there where many smiles on their faces. 

This was a sweet way to start off homecoming as students prepare for the week.