Campus baker: AgeKreations

Age photographed some of her sweet creations. Dazia Age/Courtesy photo

If you’re on the prowl for a decadent one of a kind sweet treat, then Dazia Age is the person to get in contact with.

The Tennessee bred sophomore initially started her baking business by making things for her friends when they didn’t want to spend unnecessary money. Her business is called AgeKreations. She has officially been open for one year and all of her baking is done off campus.

Age said the turning point that prompted her to start baking officially as a company was when she had a sit down with one of her mentors Shelby Prout, also known to many as MC Fiji, who also owns a local small business in Grambling.

“I have really enjoyed baking ever since I was young. It’s something I have always been passionate about,” Age  said.

Sweet confectionery items she bakes include but are not limited to brownies, cookies, pies, cakes, brookies, oreo balls, chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries.

“I like to try to make whatever people crave,” Age said. “At one point my most selling item were the sexy chocolate brownies. Recently, my new oreo balls are a heavy hitter.”

One thing Age currently does not make, but she would like to try is pecan candy. When asked if she has any competitors.

“I really don’t look into the concept of competition, but if there are other local businesses who stand in the position I am in, then I wish them the best of luck because it’s not easy to run a business,” Age said.  

Age added she would love to collaborate with others if given the opportunity. She shed light in some advantages and disadvantages of being a baker in Grambling.

“I continue to have a growing customer platform, but it gets hard when I run out of items due to them being a hot commodity,” Age said. “ It’s also hard when I don’t have enough kitchen space or funds.”

Most of her customers are candy craving students. In five years, Age is determined to have an open shop in Grambling. Age said she plan to continue her baking business back home once school is out.  

“Yes I do because I also have a lot of out-of-state customers,” she said.  

Age is also open to catering events, considering she has some experience and would like to gain more.

“I’m completely open to all catering events no matter what the cost may be,” Age said. “I have recently made Kreations bags for UAAM Sister Appreciation Day.”

She also mentions that after graduation, she would like to pursue a baking and/or cooking career. Like many small businesses, Age says agrees there were difficult moments that made her think of closing her business.

“There were multiple situations that made me want to discontinue my business,” Age said. “The hardest pill to swallow was when I directly encountered disrespect towards my business after putting so much time and (money) into it.”  

AgeKreations features special sales for Valentine’s Day that will span the entire month of February. For Valentine’s Day, the special included a fifteen dollar box special where customers were given the choice of three items of your choice to fill it with.

At the end of this February, AgeKreations will feature rotel plates including a drink for $10. Age’s baking business can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all under the same handle which is @agekreations.