GARNER: Poor on-campus food options an issue for off-campus students

   Even though I am an off-campus student, I am involved in many activities on campus, and on most days, I come to campus at 8 a.m. and leave at 9 p.m.
   During that time, I do not have the luxury of driving back and worth to Ruston because of my busy schedule, meaning that I must eat what is on campus. I knew better than to buy a meal plan, but I still found Tiger Bucks beneficial; however, I realized quickly that things changed for the worst.
   The quality of food is absolutely awful, and that leaves me hungry for the majority of the day.
   Then when I go to the Express the food is sub-par, undercooked and unhealthy. So that leaves me with very few options on-campus that offer healthy meals. Eating Subway isn’t feasible.  
   Hopefully, Grambling will improve, but at this point we are beating a dead horse asking for better food.