Equality not the same for everybody

Equality is defined as the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. However, the world demonstrates equality a little differently. 

Equality to the world is attaining the same status, but not being recognized for it. It is having the same rights, but still being judged unfairly. 

Equality is having the same opportunities, but with less compensation. 

There is no such thing as equality. It is a word made up by men to make it seem like there is a goal for minorities to reach. 

Imagine two bars. One bar is midway and the other is starting from the bottom. The bottom bar is told that it can be equal to the midway bar; therefore, the low bar slowly begins to rise toward the midway bar over time. 

As soon as that midway bar sees that the other bar is getting too close, it rises a little more. 

This is an example of how people think they are about to reach a goal, but the bar goes a little bit higher. This is how equality is set up. Even when people think they have reached it, there is always a centimeter difference. 

I believe you can measure salt and pepper all you want and pour them into two different cups equally, but salt will always manage to be more than pepper. 

People are built to believe that with the same opportunities, rights and status, they can have the same exact thing that the other man has by doing the same things that the other man does. 

What we fail to realize is that minorities have to work 10 times harder to even be recognized to receive one opportunity. 

One mishap is judged into our character. One outburst or act of retaliation is expected of us. It only takes one time for us to make a mistake and we will be told that it was known we were not fit for that status.  

It will never be equal because minorities did not start off equal. If they were, we would not be called minorities.

What do we do to attain equality? We do not attain equality, we win. Why stop at a bar that was not made for us? 

Furthermore, why grow in a system that was not designed for us? We will spend a lifetime trying to reach a midway bar. 

Instead, we can create our own bar even higher.

Nobel Michael is a senior mass communication major from Lancaster, Calif.