Education system sets some up to fail

The education system has many flaws that are a part of this nation’s downfall. 

How is it fair to be taught something so young and believe that it is true? It’s only later, if we are lucky, that we find out that everything our elementary schools taught us wasn’t true. It’s all part of the propaganda to program the youth into a state of mind that they will not question. This leaves us and our future lost in a web of lies.

Certain school districts hold back full information from children for a variety of reasons. It could be based of ethnicity, demographics, geography, or even the time period. At the end of the day there are students not learning the truth. 

Some districts set up a yearly lesson plan the classes must stay up-to-date on in order to pass. Students are challenged with district tests or even state tests to show proof that they are learning the required information. 

Most of the time certain areas — like history, arts, athletics and other subjects — are cut because of lack of funding. But let’s step back and look at who is refusing to fund these areas. Some school districts seem to keep students of ethnic descent or in low-income areas less educated. Why? To keep them where they are.

Imagine if students learned the truth of our history. How colonies from different countries took over nations and committed full genocides. 

Or how Africa developed medicines, mathematics, technology used to this day. 

Imagine if our students learned about the secrecies that the government uses to get their way. How the CIA, national leaders, politicians, and rich corporate officials manipulate masses to stay in power. If we learned in detail about the individuals who revolutionized the world, such as Ghandi, Nikola Tesla, Masta Musa, etc. 

Do you ever wonder why it seems like we learn the same thing over and over again? Because we are being programmed to believe in something that is not. The government doesn’t want our future’s young eyes to see the corrupt civilization we live in. That’s why they only show us the good side of the world or the U.S. 

But if we all took a small break from the systematic cycle of what we learn in school and educate ourselves, we could change this nation around.  

We still have access not only to the info found in the libraries or the Internet, but to the information we share with each other. If we communicate, research and actually become interested in the world we live in, we can change the way things are.

Knowledge is power, and it needs to be in the hands of the right people.


Nobel Michael is a senior mass communication major from Lancaster, Calif.