Grambling pothole blues reduced

On Grambling State University’s campus there are lots of potholes, but the University is taking the proper steps to get them fixed. The funding is limited for construction; therefore it is more of a challenge to try and get them filled, said Tremell Turner, director of facilities.

He said recently up to 20-30 potholes were fixed around campus. Construction crews worked their way from Foster Johnson, to the Assembly Center, and around the band’s practice area.

The streets were saw cut, and then filled with concrete in order to fix the potholes.

Their next target is to fix the potholes leading to Richmond Hall, which is located on Facilities Drive.

These improvements were fixed with operational funding from the school. There is no set aside budget for problems such as these.

“Grambling State is trying to partner up with the city of Grambling to use their Public Works Department, to help with money for more improvements,” said Turner.

Potholes can form from the constant stress of traffic. They can cause great damage to cars and even worse, people.

Students are starting to realize the seriousness of potholes.

“I didn’t know what I was walking into, but I caught myself,” said Shayla Braggs, criminal justice major.

While walking to her dorm, she almost tripped over broken pieces of pavement. The Chicago native said she could have been seriously injured, but she managed to catch her balance. However, some students notice the recovered potholes.

“I was so happy to drive into Woodson’s parking lot so smoothly,” said Ashley Skinner, a graduating biology major from New Orleans. “Small changes like these makes a huge impact on our campus.” With the continuous progress of the beautification of campus, there are high hopes for all or the majority of the potholes to be fixed.