Dinner and discussion with the GSU Calender girls

The beautiful ladies of Calendar Girl recently hosted an event titled “Dinner and Discussion with the Calendar Girls.” This event was held so Grambling State University students could learn the do’s and dont’s for posting on social media.
The night began with Miss Cover Girl Ciara Wilson, a junior history major from Tulsa, Okla., who wanted members of the audience to interpret a painting that was painted by one of the Calendar Girls. The painting consisted of both the Instagram and Twitter logo and a red “A” that was dripping blood in the center of the picture.
Members of the audience, including Chellane Jones, a sophomore accounting major from Garland, Texas, believed that the picture was representing how social media is ruining today’s society.
Likewise, Jasmine Pierce, a junior kinesiology major from Mobile, Ala., who viewed the picture as social media having the power to destroy someone’s reputation.
After the open floor interpretations, the artist of the painting,  Elizabeth Eddy, finally gave the meaning behind the portrait as the red A+ in the middle signifying a person’s grades and how one’s grades can suffer as a cause of social media along with a person’s personal life as well as family life.
Miss Cover Girl and her fellow Calendar Girls wanted to host the event for the student body so people can become more aware that what is posted on social media can always be tracked down and viewed by potential employers.
Muridia Washington, a junior  leisure studies major with a concentration in therapeutic recreations, explained how whatever someone posts on social media can change a person’s life and she hoped that the audience could learn something about social media that he or she did not already know.
“The motives behind having the event were to promote more positive and responsible networking,” Wilson said.
Creshonda Carter, a Las Vegas native and criminal justice major, attended the event to help support a fellow teammate. From the event with the Calendar Girls she learned what not to put on social media, although she knew beforehand.
Although the size of the crowd was not particularly large, the students and Calendar Girls still managed to have a great time at the event, learning more about the dangers of social media.
“The thing that I most enjoyed was how everyone was eager and excited to interact at the event,” Wilson said.
The highlight of the event for Carter was hearing the different tips by the Calendar Girls about what to do and what not to do on social media.
As far as the crowd is concerned, not too many members of the Grambling State University student body showed. Wilson explained how she wished more people had come to the event but does understand that the fall semester is fairly busy for many students at Grambling State. Ironically, one of the biggest factors for having a larger turnout would have been more postings on social media.