Strut LA fuels Grambling’s growing fashion scene

In an incredibly fast paced and moving world of college campuses, hidden gems often go unnoticed, overshadowed by larger groups and organizations. There is no exception to this discovery when it especially comes to the illustrious Grambling State University.


In the midst of this thriving underground scene is Strut LA, an underrated and underestimated campus modeling troupe that is doing the unthinkable and setting their own trends and standards while gaining momentum with each passing day.

Shattering Boundaries with Style

Not your average campus modeling group, Strut LA is located in the center of Grambling State University. The modeling troupe has created a niche for themselves by combining empowerment, style, and innovation. By accepting variety in all of its manifestations, the organization subverts conventional conventions. They make sure that their runway shows their notion that beauty is not limited to a particular shape but rather a kaleidoscope of manifestations.

Glamorous on Stage

Strut LA recently made headlines with their greatest show to date. The occasion was a demonstration of their indisputable brilliance and a fashion master class. The models painted the runway with their distinct styles, charisma, and presence.


The show presented a wide range of styles, from edgy streetwear to classy couture, demonstrating that the fashion industry fosters individualism. They emphasized the significance of self-expression and how it relates to fashion with each step down the runway.


“It looks like they’re really putting it on and I love this for them. I really just feel there needs to be more spotlight because there are people coming from all over putting it on,” said Black Dynasty publicist Kaitlyn Kyles about the show and the importance of the appreciation for organizations like both Strut and Black Dynasty.


Jaylan Moore, president of Strut LA is looking to make each show better than the last.

“We were just throwing out ideas, saying what can we do that hasn’t been done yet?” Moore said. “There’s been shows on the yard, there’s been shows in the Black and Gold room, like what can we do top last year? So, we were just like why not a car show.”


Expanding Quickly and Quietly

Although Strut LA’s incredible show was visually stunning, the group’s expansion is an unnoticed phenomenon. They have quickly become more involved in the campus community and are leaving their mark in a variety of ways.

Under Moore’s leadership, Strut is actively becoming more innovative in ways they are to make an impact and leave their mark on campus. They are now taking open bookings, so other organizations can partner with Strut for their own events as well. On top of that Strut has recently partnered with an apparel company by the name of 24 Sports Line.

On another note, some other individuals were also in attendance that night — Elite Modeling from Louisiana Tech University, with Moore hinted at a possible future collaboration between the programs from the two Lincoln Parish universities.

Moving on a path like this is not only great for Grambling, but for HBCUs in general. When we look at schools like Howard, NCA&T, and Clark Atlanta, we see growing communities just like this one, where there is such a powerful and impactful positive change on campus culture inspiring students to be more creative and step outside the box.


Strut doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Approaching the group’s 14th anniversary, Moore also expressed that with her remaining time here she wants to grow Strut even more and continue to build and uplift this growing community of empowerment.

Why You Shouldn’t Count Them Out

Although Strut LA may not be well-known among the plethora of student groups in the HBCU world at the moment, the following reasons make the group more than worthy of consideration:

  • Empowerment Through Fashion: Strut LA isn’t just about modeling; it’s a platform for self-empowerment. Their work transcends the campus runway, helping students build self-confidence, discover their style, and break free from the constraints of societal beauty standards.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: This group doesn’t discriminate; they celebrate differences. Their shows embrace models of all sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds, promoting a sense of unity and acceptance that the campus community needs.
  • Community Building: The growth of Strut LA means the growth of a community. They offer a sense of belonging and camaraderie to students who share a passion for fashion, creating bonds that extend beyond their time at the university.

As we illuminate Grambling State University’s student fashion scene, it is essential to acknowledge the incredible journey of Strut LA. They are advocates of empowerment, variety, and self-expression rather than only being a modeling group.

Keep an eye on Strut LA as they continue to break boundaries, inspire students, and light up the campus runway with their unique blend of fashion and empowerment. Grambling State University’s hidden gem is sparkling brighter with every step Strut LA takes, and it’s a sight worth seeing.