BCM: Bible studies are back

Baptist Collegiate Ministry is a Christian organization that shows and shares the love of Jesus Christ on the campus of Grambling State University. BCM is now hosting bible studies for students in Grambling Hall at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday.

BCM started their first Bible study in August and have continued throughout the school year. BCM has hosted Prayer on the Yard or Prayer Walk in the afternoons. Now, BCM has continued Bible studies weekly for students to hear the Word of God. Before this semester, the organization held Bible studies sporadically, but now fresh faces and returning faces continue to come to Grambling Hall auditorium.

Senior Jau’Kizah Rogers from Memphis, Tennessee, who is also the president of the organization describes her experience with the Bible studies. “It’s very refreshing. It’s been a consistent amount of people, and it has been growing every week,” Rogers said.

With its exceptional growth, Rogers expressed her expectation for the organization.

“I just want BCM to touch as many souls as possible and many lives. I want the students to see that we are all human and we make mistakes, but God still loves us,” she said.

“BCM is my favorite organization and that’s mainly because when I met God, my life changed,” said a returning member.

Transfer student Jhada Carmel, who is also a part of the hospitality committee, spoke on her experience and the impact of the Bible studies.

“When I found out there was an actual community that loved God and wanted to get closer to God, my experience with God has grown. So, coming here to learn what Pastor George has to say speaks about the bible, it gives me different perspectives on what the word is telling me,” Carmel said.

The organization’s director, Pastor George Lee, preaches to college students every Tuesday and takes joy in his role.

“It feels good to have a rhythm every week, connect the students, and encourage students to use their Bible studies to grow relationships with people who have the same morals, values, and beliefs. Pastor Lee hopes that students develop a deeper love for God’s word and that they will learn how to navigate and spread the message to their peers.

“I think about my collegiate journey, and the leadership and the guidance that I had and that motivates me to pour into the college students,” Lee said. “BCM’s motto for this school year is ‘EVERYDAY JESUS,’ which helps not only students but for BCM members every day.”

Many describe the environment as welcoming and astronomical when it comes to the Bible study, whether it is doing icebreaker or the relatable discussions. BCM says its goal is to not only reach out to young college students, but for them to have a close relationship with God.