GSU senior releases second book


Grambling State University student Adrian Consonery Jr., a mass communication major from Marietta, Georgia, recently released his second book titled “Legal Thoughts.”

In this book, Consonery is transparent and shares his thoughts as a Black man in America. 

“I wanted to capture what I was going through in that time period,” Consonery said. “A lot of times we talk about growth as a man, but we never really lay out what happens during the process. This book follows the thought process of changing from a trivial mindset to a mature mindset.” 

The book is titled “Legal Thoughts” because Consonery began writing it when he was 21. Consonery wrote his first book when he was only 17, but he’s been writing poems since he was 11. 

He said that he became determined to become a better writer after an encounter with an elementary school teacher who told him he couldn’t write.

“I’ve always been expressive with my words,” Cosonery said. “My fifth grade teacher pulled me up in front of the class and told me if I continue to write like this, I’ll never be able to write ever. From that day moving forward, I worked to be the best writer I could.”

Consonery said that in writing ‘Legal Thoughts’ he had some troubles because he had to open up and be transparent, in order to help others. 

He said that both men and women could benefit from reading his book. 

“Black men sometimes don’t like to express ourselves in any way that's not seem as masculine,” Cosonery said. “When it comes to us talking about our mental health, it’s never discussed, or it looks down upon. The truth is, we all have problems. My book allows men and women to learn that although they may be struggling, they are not alone. This book can help anyone understand a man. If a woman were to pick up this book, there is still something she can take from it.” 

Consonery recently held a book signing event in the Barnes and Noble bookstore on campus, and the event had a major turnout. Consonery also receives feedback on his book at the Black to the Basics bookstore in Grambling.

“I appreciate all the support I received from everyone who came to my book signing and/or purchased my book. Performing my poems from this book at the Black to the Basics is such a dope environment. I love being able to share my work with other students in an open, creative-flowing space,” Consonery said.

Consonery said he is currently working on another book called “Revelation.” 

Involved in the Grambling community and is an active member of United African-American Men at GSU, Consonery said he plans to release more books in the future. 

To purchase Consorney’s book entitled, Legal Thoughts go online to https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/legal-thoughts-adrian-consonery-jr/1140834932