“Encanto” Review

“Encanto” is a magical experience for the whole family to enjoy. Disney’s animators, writers, and producers have really outdone themselves! Each character is so unique with distinct colors and personality traits, the characters are surprisingly realistic.  

The family reminds me of a Latinx family back at home. I love how the family members support each other in tricky situations, and they make light of the situation. Although they disagree, they talk it through anyway.  

The focus of the movie is the gifts of each child and grandchild of Abuela, except one. Mirabel is the star of the movie because of her fate of not receiving a gift. Mirabel feels responsible for the suffering of her family and desperately wants to change it.  

The movie features a few sweet songs and plot development songs. My favorite song is Mirabel’s sister, Luisa’s because she cannot really sing but manages to reach the audience. One song is in Spanish, and It is adorable with the scene because it shows how families go through heartbreaks to bring them closer. Also, the family has a couple of songs where they sing together, and it really adds a new energy aspect to the characters.  

The community in the movie sticks together and shows how being the center of attention is overrated. Working together as a family will break curses in communication and bonding activities. No one in a team should be the lead all the time, God gave us each extraordinary gift to produce fruit and make wine.  

The word encanto translates to “charm” or “enchantment” in Spanish. It represents the meaning of the house known as “casita.” It seems like Mirabel is Casita’s favorite because they share a way of communication throughout the movie. Furthermore, it is a great movie to watch after an exhausting day, or during leisure time. 

 Whether you are eight or 48, it sends a message to the soul. Honestly, I cried at the end of the movie because it is related to my life. I really think it can relate to others’ lives as well. It relates to the underdog growing into a leader. Standing for what you believe in is hard, but miracles form when you are real to yourself.  

The miracle of life comes with suffering and pain, but resilience is possible when you believe. My favorite character is Mirabel’s mom Julieta because her power is to heal with food. When I am a mom, it is crazy, but I want to heal my children with food. I feel like Julieta tries to keep everyone safe all through the village. 

 The most important message is that your purpose is vital but without structure, you could put yourself under too much pressure. Consistency is essential, but resting is needed to execute properly. 

Also, when you do not allow yourself to heal properly, you can subconsciously put your expectations on your family. 

Courtesy Photo: Google