Energy takers vs. Energy savers

Daily life is all about balancing work, social, and personal activities in a stress-free way. 

I am going to discuss some energy givers and energy takers, which should bring readers to a peaceful way of living. The best energy giver is a glass of water because it is refreshing whether it is hot or cold. The worst energy taker is going on and on without rest. 

I think as adults, drinking water at least four times a day will generate a new strength. Also, it is never good to go without rest, 6-8 hours a night is important. Try not to procrastinate on work because there will always be another task to deal with tomorrow. In Matthew 6:34, Jesus says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 

Rejoicing and staying glad will keep you grounded in the work process. Another energy giver is journaling all the thoughts that mean something and are worthy to your heart.  This does not have to be an everyday thing, but it should be weekly. Journaling will solve the energy taker overthinking because you have already written it out. 

Fruits and veggies are energy givers because the body thrives off nourishment. Humans were not ever supposed to eat junk food daily, so I suggest just keeping it to a minimum. The next energy taker is people pleasing because holding things in will eventually lead to exploding over the tiniest things. Sunlight and meditation are my favorite energy givers because relaxing and connecting with nature can bring a new mindset. Also, silence brings light to innovative ideas. 

A big energy taker is dehydration, I cannot stress this enough! The body is mostly water. Also, negativity is an energy taker especially if the person is close to you. When you value someone’s negative opinions of you, God’s purpose for you begins to fade. More energy givers are reading and music. Reading gives you a break from reality, while calming music sorts out the insecurities in the soul. 

Too much screen time/social media is an energy taker because it usually leads to comparing yourself to others. Your purpose involves you taking a chance in life, so go outside and find what inspires you. Another energy giver is self-care. Most people think it is selfish, but the most important person in the world is YOU. Self-care includes taking yourself on a date or letting yourself cry. Giving every care to God, will literally lighten your body. 

Additionally, another energy taker is unclear boundaries. This could be with family, friends, and a significant other. Your life should not only be an extension of someone else’s, we all have unique abilities to contribute to the world.

So, explore and learn the true value of your life because nothing can stop you from achieving. The best opportunity is waiting for you to grab it. The belief in the impossible will shield you from energy takers. Release the doubt and anxiety and walk a little taller today.